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    • 30 Nov 2019
    • City Summit

    Skyfall 2019

    Skyfall is back!


    The format

    The qualifying round is a Pump-Fest, will consist of up to  8 routes per category in a flash format deciding the top 6 from each category. Competitors will self-score this round however SCWA might have judges assisting on some routes. Competitors will need to provide their own belayer for qualification rounds, this may be another competitor.

    Finals will be of an On-sight format for the top 6 for all categories, belayers will be provided for finals.

    Youth Top Rope and Open Top Rope will Top Rope all routes.
    Youth Lead, Intermediate Lead and Open Lead will lead all routes. 

    • 31 Dec 2019
    • Overseas

    This is to register to international events and pay for special consideration applications Please note it is a requirement to have qualified for it (see selection policy).

    Also, an international licence is required to be able to sign up to these events.

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