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SCA Mission

To grow, develop and promote the sport of climbing to enhance the experience for all.

SCA's Vision

To be a professional, well known, innovative, and inclusive organisation that supports climbing 

‘from bottom to top’.

Our Core Values

Sport Climbing Australia (SCA) is the peak body for Sport Climbing in Australia and is responsible for the stewardship, management, promotion and growth of the sport. In collaboration with our Member States and a range of key stakeholders, Sport Climbing Australia aspires to be:

  • EXCELLENT by developing our people and quality services
  • INCLUSIVE by being accessible, equitable, accepting and valuing diversity
  • STRATEGIC by staying informed, prioritising our efforts and managing our risks
  • ETHICAL by insisting on fairness, transparency, respect and compliance
  • HEALTHY by promoting wellbeing and safety and instilling positive culture
  • SUSTAINABLE by enhancing the capability of our members, prudent financial management and securing diverse income sources.       

Competition: 3 Main Disciplines


Height, endurance and strategy. Athletes climb rope-tied, one at a time, on a overhanging route with a 6-minute time limit. The one who gets the highest wins.


Power and technique for an explosive performance of a maximum of 10 movements. Spectacular and intense gestures, maximum height 4.5 meters and a fall back on mattresses.


15 meters in less than 6 seconds! Rope-tied from above, climbers run on parallel walls. The fastest wins!

    Upcoming events

    09 Feb 2019 • SICG Villawood
    16 Feb 2019 • Cliffhanger, Altona
    23 Feb 2019 • TBA
    01 Mar 2019 • Rock It

    Sport Climbing Australia is the sole peak body for climbing in Australia and a member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. 

    PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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