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Sport Climbing Australia is the sole peak body for climbing in Australia and a member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. Sport Climbing Australia's mission is to promote, develop and grow sport climbing for the enjoyment of all.

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Sport Climbing Australia

Sport Climbing Australia is a non-governmental non-profit organization.

We work in the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of indoor climbing as a whole around Australia.

Our latest objective is to work in the development of a strong and efficient national structure with the aim for recognition of the sport by the Australian Sport Commission in the near future. For this we need your help! If you haven’t already done so sign up to be a member of SCA today!

Competition: 3 Main Disciplines


Height, endurance and strategy. Athletes climb rope-tied, one at a time, on a overhanging route with a 8-minute time limit. The one who gets the highest wins.


Power and technique for an explosive performance of a maximum of 10 movements. Spectacular and intense gestures, maximum height 4 meters and a fall back on mattresses.


15 meters in less than 6 seconds! Rope-tied from above, climbers run on parallel walls. The fastest wins!

Our Values

Climbing is a primary human movement and an easy-to-understand sport. Deeply connected with nature, climbers have developed their own lifestyle.


The two past decades have been a period of spectacular growth in sport climbing and in the administration of the sport. Competition Climbing has gained credibility not only as a competitive sport, but also for its social values.

Sport Climbing Australia is a young and healthy organisation, founded on the modern sport principles and values, cultivating them along with sport growth and development.

We share the same values as the IFSC:

  • Respect and support for Olympic Values and Principles
  • Preserving the environment in organizing and promoting the activities
  • Doping free sport
  • Accessible
  • Safe
  • Low cost
  • Healthy and educational activity for youth
  • Equality between men and women
  • Competitive
  • Fair, transparent and objective competition judging rules
  • Sport for All


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Upcoming events

24 Jun 2017 • Sydney
19 Aug 2017 • Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing
26 Aug 2017 • Vertical Reality Climbing, Holden Hill
23 Sep 2017 • TBC
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