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Sarah McKenzie - Junior Lead and Boulder Team

I am 19 years old, I have been climbing since I was 11 and my first competition was the 2011 Lead Nationals in Tasmania in which I did not know how to lead climb..slightly dangerous...

I loved climbing trees and simply being off of the ground, despite me being afraid of heights, it got me into competition climbing. 

I have climbed at Bayside Rock since it opened because it is the closest gym to my home. 

I am proud to have represented Australia at the World Youth Climbing Championships for the past four years and am honored to have participated in the Government campaign, "Girls Make Your Move". 

My goal is to climb at a level that I am personally proud of in future competitions. 

Thankfully I have been sponsored by Fila Australia to help me in my competitions. 

I would say that I don’t necessarily have any idols but I find that I am inspired by my fellow competitors who push me to strive for my goals. 

Overall climbing makes me feel strong and empowered which is why I keep going back!

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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