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Riley Thurstans - Youth A Lead, Speed and Boulder

I'm Riley Thurstans, I started climbing about 3.5-4 years ago after Rockit Climbing Centre opened at which point I thought well, I like climbing everything else, surely this will be fun, and I guess it just progressed from there. After about a year I started competing inter-state which turned out to be really fun as well as giving me heaps of motivation to train and I've just loved competing ever since. Last year at my first World Youth Championships or first international competition in general I managed to make finals and place fifth being the first Australian to do so which was great and I'm really psyched to see how I go this year. I'm now sponsored by Wall Toys which is great and I'm really excited to be working with them in the future. When I'm not climbing I'm usually at school or playing Saxophone which leaves me with not much time at all but I enjoy it all even though it keeps me really busy.

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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