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Ned Middlehurst - Youth A Lead

What sparked your interest in climbing and how long have you been climbing?

I discovered climbing two years ago in 2014 after participating in a school run indoor climbing program. I also had the opportunity to go on a 5 day climbing camp to the Arapiles. Since then I have been climbing competitively. I had tried other sports but climbing has become my passion.

Your home gym is?

Bayside Rock in Carrum Downs, Victoria. My second home.

What are you proud of achieving so far and what are your goals?

This year I have qualified for the first time ever for the World Youth Team and will be competing in China to represent Australia! Super excited to compete at an international level of competition and most of all to have fun. My goal is to continue to challenge myself in training and in competition whilst still smiling.

Do you have any idols?

James Kassay. He is my boss, my mentor, my sponsor and by climbing buddy. All round good guy. Oh, and he’s not a bad climber either.

Do you have any sponsors?

I am an ambassador for Bayside Rock. It’s great to have their support.

Do you have a fun fact about yourself......

Standard airport travel food is a Krispy Kreme and a Boost juice. Plus you can never go wrong with a couple of cookies at the gym.


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