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Jesse Ruffini - Youth A Boulder

What sparked your interest in climbing and how long have you been climbing?

Being only 16, my climbing journey began half a lifetime ago at the age of 8 when comps were smaller and when Urban Climb was a shadow of what it is nowadays. At first it was social but I became more interested in climbing when I started competing in competitions, which I really enjoyed and had some early success in. Two years ago I got serious about climbing and gave up playing Rugby Union as the physical attributes of a climber were not compatible with that of a Rugby Union hooker! I started more intensive training and with my coaches Dan and Mitch, set goals to work towards and steadily improved my climbing. It's hard to say what influenced my path to where I am today, it could have been the thrill of conquering the infamous wave wall or my parents wanting a free two hours on a Saturday morning, who knows?


Your home gym is?

Urban Climb West End is the gym I call home, quite literally as I have spent more time there than at home in the past two years. Recently they have opened up two new Bouldering Gyms which has tripled the bouldering space which is great for me. The local climbing scene here is really friendly and supportive of young climbers. I am grateful for their support and have picked up plenty of tips from the more experienced climbers. I work part time at the Gym coaching the Geckos and washing holds.

What are you proud of achieving so far?

The last couple of years have been really good for me, making the Australian Youth Team for bouldering two years in a row. This year I qualified first in Youth A Bouldering in a really strong field of competitors. I was really proud of flashing 4 out of 5 of the International standard climbs. Last year I won the Queensland State lead and boulder championships in Youth B and placed second in the Australian Youth B lead. I am really excited about competing in The World Youth Championships in China.    

What are your goals?

My goals for the near future are to complete Paul Robinson’s ‘Times Up’ at Redbank. I also aim to make semifinals at the World Youth Championships.

Fun Fact about yourself

My great, great, grandfather came to Australia from China during the North Queensland gold rush.  The area he came from is very close to where the World Youth Championships are being held in China.

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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