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Jack Taylor - Youth B Lead International and Boulder International Team

What sparked your interest in climbing and how long have you been climbing?

I have been climbing  forever with my Dad. We had a woodie in our shed and I was climbing on this before I could walk. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been passionate about climbing.

Your home gym is?

My home gym are the crags of the Blue Mountains but when the weather is bad I boulder at Camp Street Climbing in Katoomba and the Blackheath Bowlo. 


What are you proud of achieving so far and what are your goals?

My proudest achievement was to send India at Mt Arapiles last year. My long term goal is to climb Punks in the gym and my life goal is to be sponsored by a beef jerkey company.    


Do you have any idols?

My dad is my idol

Do you have any sponsors? 

 My sponsors are BJR Climbing Equipment, Mad Rock and Cousin Trestec.

Do you have a fun fact about, a food you can’t go without, pre competition superstitions or routines?

I like to play Uno with my friends in isolation.

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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