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Callum Banks - Continental Boulder Team

I am Callum Banks from Adelaide, South Australia and I first took interest into climbing at my tenth birthday party. I have now been climbing for six years, but only been competing for two. I currently would not be where are am today without the ongoing encouragement from my coach, family, friends and the rest of the climbing community.

I prefer to boulder but I still enjoy the other types of climbing. The gym that I climb at is Vertical Reality Climbing and I train every Monday with the newly formed South Australian youth group. I would like to increase this training to enhance my performance and ability. I have competed in many of the South Australian competitions but would like to further my experience by competing in other states and countries.

I am proud of making it onto the Australian Continental Youth boulder team and wish to be on the International team next year. With the exciting news that sports climbing is going to be included into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I aspire to participate and represent Australia in it. I continuously would like to increase my hardest and most difficult climbs. I admire some of the world’s best climbers because they help motivate me. To me the most inspirational climber is Chris Sharma, this is because of how he has used every opportunity to better himself and the sport.

I have recently partnered with Rise Holds, which is an SA owned company and they are very supportive of me. Their holds are amazing to climb on. In my free time I volunteer helping out on Cara camps for kids with disabilities. The thing I love the most about climbing is not actually the climbing, it’s the encouragement and friendship of the other competitors and the whole climbing community.   

PO Box 341W Ballarat West 3350


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